Many of the backpacking trips listed here were set up with the Backpacking Merit Badge requirements in mind. The Mt. Rose Wilderness routes have not been broken out into discrete trips as yet. A combination of different trips in the Mt. Rose Wilderness could meet all the requirements of the merit badge reducing travel costs for the Carson, Reno and Sparks areas.

Some terms used are here defined:

  • Traced - A route or trail actually traced with a highly sensitive GPS.
  • Untraced - A route or trail marked on the map that has not been traced with GPS as yet, but may have been tried by someone known to us.
  • Mapped - A route or trail developed from a topo map but not traced as yet.
  • Proposed - The same as "mapped" except that no one has tried it yet, with or without GPS
  • GPX or *.gpx file - An XML file that can be read to glean coordinates along the routes on the maps. Some GPS units will download them if you save it as a *.gpx file or you can read them and add them by hand.
  • TOPO! or *.tpo files - These are generated and read by National Geographic TOPO! software. These files are the routes in high definition and allow you to download to GPS units.
  • Some of us recognize that scouters not comfortable with backpacking will probably not get their scouts out backpacking. Without this more advanced form of outdoor activity, many scouts will not get the growth opportunities that scouting could provide them. For those not experienced in sufficient backpacking, this may appear to be a bold statement. It is fact for those of us who have such experience. There has been enough research at some universities to corroborate this statement. Sufficient backpacking experience is an effective antidote to ADD and ADHD according to some of this research.
    Wilderness Kids, Backpacker Magazine

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